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The Ultimate in Fitness Fighting

T.U.F.F. is The Ultimate Fitness Fighting program, a specialized workout for people who want to train like the fittest athletes on the planet...fighters! But, do so in a
The Ultimate Fitness Fighting program isn’t reserved for the ring, the mat and/or the Octagon anymore. Training like a fighter has become a fitness phenomenon, providing  a high intensity workout that is more than just hype. It is definitely an effective workout (science says so), and you’d be surprised at how much fun it is to punch and kick stuff...without getting hit yourself!

Earn your martial arts belts as you progress all the way to a Black Belt and beyond!

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We have all the resources at your disposal to guarantee your success...YOU have to put in the work.

The workouts in the
T.U.F.F. program are a total of 47 minutes long. They are short, fast-paced and fun and they'll have you looking better and feeling better in no time.
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We offer classes to kids aged 4 years and up, in addition to adult classes.

Learn the discipline, the art, and the respect. T.U.F.F. provides the best instructors (actual world champions), to get you results fast. Enjoy learning your way to a Black Belt in the arts.

Grand Master Hennegan

15x World Champion

Recipient of Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award!

Black Belt 8th dan

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Master Siscoe

2x World Champion

Black Belt 7th dan


Master Brown

National Champion
Black Belt 7th dan


Master Simard

World Champion

Black Belt 7th dan

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Siscoe gym is a Montreal based gym and fitness center

8170 Boulevard Décarie

Montréal, QC H4P2S8
(438) 816-8700

Metro de la Savane

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