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* 100% - EVERYONE who joins a gym, has a goal. 
* However, 97% have NO CLUE how to reach that goal.
* Sadly, 91% QUIT within 3 weeks!
There are 5 different modalities in fitness;
Cardiovascular Training (1%)
Weightlifting (1%)
Bodyweight Exercises (gymnastics) (1%)
Yoga (1%)
Nutrition (9%)
In the brackets are the statistical percentages of the success rates when someone attempts reaching their goal, using only that modality, and maintaing any success for 3 years or better.
Our Strength and Conditioning program is structured to produce results. We incorporate ALL 5 modalities, which accounts for our 89% success rate!
We have produced RESULTS for 43,687 people and counting.
IF your goal is to lose weight, drop body-fat, become stronger OR increase muscle, THIS program will get you the results you want. 
Sessions offered;
Weekdays at 07h00 - 12h00 and again at 18h00
Saturday's at 09h00
Monthly Contacts with pricing starting at only $29/week.

3D Body Scan

at SISCOEGYM, we make this all about you. This is your journey and by using the latest 3D body scanner, we will get data that will assure your transformation will be a successful one.

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Accessible Coaching








at SISCOEGYM, we know that 97% of people who join gyms DO NOT have a clue how to reach their goals.
We make coaching accessible. In-Person or virtually, so it does not matter where you are. 


Meal Plans and accountability

at SISCOEGYM, we provide meal plans that that are sustainable with proven results. Our meal plans also allow for personal preferences as well as cultural preferences. Add to that accountability, and you can be assured of your success.  

Medical Consultation
IF you are not sure if this program is right for you, you can book a FREE 3D Body Composition Scan ($125 value), and a coach will review the scan results with you and then guide you on how you can best reach your goal.
Book a FREE 3D Body Scan


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Keifer Tran B and A.jpg

I can honestly recommend this gym, especially after participating in their 6 week challenge program, which I was at first, skeptical about. However, immediately after the first week within the program it was clear that with the coaching and the support they offered, I was already confident about succeeding in the challenge. I highly recommend to anyone to first start in the 6 week challenge. It not only produces amazing results, fast! But it also teaches you a healthy lifestyle...for life! I made a goal to lose 21 pounds within the 6 week program and here are my results. I actually lost 25 pounds in only 6 weeks!! Could not be happier.

Marie BeeTestimonial.jpg

I am not a Gym-Aholic but every time I go to Siscoe Gym, I am motivated. The staff is positive and focused on your wellness. They put the keys in my hand to handle my health on a long-term basis. To me, that is priceless! They have the space and the equipment of choice to train comfortably. They give structured classes and so far I lost 10 kg. Which makes it easier for me to keep going.

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