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THIS is why you are not reaching your goals...

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

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Let's talk about accountability.

It's something most of us don't hold ourselves to, and it's actually something most of us don't like being held to! We know when we're messing up and so we're not really thrilled with someone is telling us or reminding us that we're messing up! However, if you have a goal and your goal particularly relates to something fitness related…this could be that you're trying to put on muscle, or it could be that you're trying to get strong OR it could be that you're trying to lose weight…without accountability there's no proof of anything working!

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Now, you might say “I step on the scale!” If a scale is the only thing you're using for accountability, then you probably already know this it's…really frustrating!

That makes perfect sense because, scale weight is but one measure. When perhaps, most likely, many other measures have been changing or are changing and maybe the scale weight is not necessarily reflecting some of the other positive changes that are also taking place with your body composition.

Scale weight is but a tool. It is a singular measure which would make it equal to you reading your daily horoscope and actually believing that there's truth to that! Now, IF I just ruined it for you and told you that Santa Claus is not real…well…I'm not sorry 😉

Scale weight is just one measure and it could drive you absolutely bananas! Here's what you need to think about when it comes to reaching your goal. When I’m talking about reaching your goal again, this is not solely pertaining to somebody trying to lose weight. But it certainly does apply! This pertains to somebody who's trying to increase speed, or to increase power, or to put on more muscle, lose body fat, lose weight or simply altogether just wants to look better naked!

It applies to every one of you!

The journey is very similar to investing in an index fund in the stock market. Take a look at the past 30 years. Had you invested 30 years ago in an index fund, look where you would have started. But especially look where the journey has gone! It was and is inevitable! THAT is going to happen over time, as long as you stick to it. Now, if you're a day trader that probably didn't happen, because you're toying around…you're gambling is what you're doing. When you have a goal, hopefully you are learning to train, rather than work out.

What's wrong with working out? Well, it's fun, sure but, it doesn't produce predictable results! Training on a structured program produces predictable results. So, very much like the stock market journey where you'll notice it didn't start down here and go straight to there. It’s a little bit of you know, ups and downs along the way. But again, just let it do what it's going to do and the outcome is inevitable. You're following structure!

Similarly, when it comes to your fitness, you should follow a structured training program that will produce a predictable outcome and try taking as many measures as you can along the way.

We prefer having a 3d body composition scan because within the scan itself, you're taking 1,150 images. The measurements are precise down to the millimeter and there are hundreds of measures being taken. I'm not saying you have to analyze what those measures mean, but the exercise specialist who is hopefully guiding you, can do that for you and so when you think just the scale weight didn't move, almost assuredly, many of the other numbers did move in a favorable direction.

I can tell you that as a world-class athlete, it's a lot of fun traveling around the world. It's particularly fun standing atop the podium because you reached your goal…by the way your podium being whatever your fitness goals are. It's so much fun to stand up on a podium. It's a lot of fun to hold your country's flag! That's great! But no athlete, who ever goes through that experience will tell you they did it on their own. Because they didn't!

Every celebrity or athlete that you aspire to want to look like, or become like…they all have coaches! To this very day, and I've only been in the business for 38 years…I still take one of my trainers when I'm training. Is that because I still don't know how to do a bench press or a dead-lift? No!

Technically, I don't know that anybody knows how to do it much better than I. However, the accountability of having a coach is where a coach's true value comes into play. Because if you think a skilled athlete does not walk into the gym dreading the workout that's coming…If you think that athletes love the workouts that are coming you clearly don’t know athletes. Athletes are human, just as you. And trust me, 90 to 95 of the time, we wish there was another way of doing it, but we have a goal that we want to attain and we don't expect it to happen in one week.

We don't expect it to happen in three months! We know that this is a journey.

You need to know that getting to your goal is a journey and you will need accountability to reach your goals.

Statistically speaking, 97% of people who join a gym, any gym, have goals, but don't have a clue how to get there. They're constantly being distracted by bright shiny objects often known as social media. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is telling you; “do it like this”, “do it like that”, but all of them are not providing structure. Rather, they're just yapping like a little dog!

If you're following structure…if you have an actual coach holding you accountable to that goal, you will definitely see the results much quicker. Just as athletes who dream of standing atop that podium, their coach will get them there. If you do not have a coach…I mean I cannot recommend it enough and I don't mean “just a coach” to teach you how to do an exercise. To me the coach's real value is keeping you accountable to the goal.

Accountability…if you don't have it, get it!

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