The whole city of Syracuse N.Y. on a diet?

Officials tell the entire town of Syracuse N.Y. to go on a diet and to exercise! AND, It's about time! Throughout Covid, it has been hard to get helpful information out to the public among the political charades. Officials are telling...and have been telling the public what the best defense is for your body to fight Covid and ANY other virus.

The better your health and conditioning is, the better able you are to defend against any attacks, virus or injury.

Syracuse is looking to stop the spread without waiting for a miracle vaccine. with COVID-19, you’re twice as likely to have a poor outcome if you’re overweight. So it’s very important that we get fit and we get healthier."

And what better place to do this than the ONLY GYM and one of the very few businesses to receive an A+ rating from the Montreal fire department for our disinfecting protocols.

We are looking to help you, and not to hinder our members from being healthier...even during Covid. So we implemented steps above and beyond what was being asked of us, to ensure that our staff and our members would always have a safe place to exercise in.

Steps that impressed the fire department inspectors immediately upon entering SISCOEGYM; Hand sanitizing and/or washing hands is mandatory as is wearing a mask. This is the least that all businesses should be doing however, we go way beyond the minimum.


Every staff and every member meets with an infrared thermometer to ensure you have no fever. But, there's more. Towels are mandatory and we members check-in, they are provided with a spray bottle filled with a hospital grade disinfectant and a micro-fibre hand cloth to disinfect anything and everything they touch, both before and after use.

Notwithstanding these additional measures, we still do more! we close SISCOEGYM down after every 4 hours of operation for a full hospital-grade disinfectant spray down. Not just in the high-touch areas...everywhere!

Rest assured, IF you are comfortable going to your own home, you should be VERY comfortable coming in to SISCOEGYM. There is no place, no home and no building cleaner than SISCOEGYM.

If you have not already done so, let's get you back in a safe and productive environment today. If you want to know more about our famous 6 week challenge click here now.

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