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This program is the most successful program we've ever had at SISCOEGYM to date. 43,687 personal bests and individual milestones were achieved during this 6 week program than any other program we've run, so we've decided to offer it as a standalone program virtually OR in-person for anyone who is looking for a program that will help them hit their goals on their terms.

This program is written with an emphasis on conditioning and work capacity and is designed for busy women, mothers, men and athletes who need or want to remain fit all year round.

Start the program whenever you'd like to, follow along at your own pace, or in our live virtual sessions with a live coach who can guide, correct and motivate you to chase your goals on your own terms!

Proven Programming

This cycle has been tested by SISCOEGYM Strength and Conditioning team and has produced more personal bests than any other program we've run to date (43,687). Commit to a program knowing it's been tried and tested, modified and perfected to lead you to success.

Take your conditioning to the next level

This program is strength with an emphasis on conditioning. Be ready to drag, push, and pull your way to becoming a fat burning machine...and get a whole lot stronger while you're at it!

Accessory work for operators

This program is full of functional work to keep you moving well in the gym, at home and at your job.



Daily strength, conditioning, and skill training that’s accessible and challenging for everyday people as well as athletes of any level or background


LIVE Coaching...with LIVE feedback as you train OR online Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy.


Recommended but not necessary. Your coach can modify the structure of the workout to the equipment you have available or using just your body-weight if no equipment is available.


Weekly scans further to enhance results and provide data to prove you are making great progress weekly.


According to the FDA, there are over 10,000 different diets in the marketplace!! That alone should be screaming that DIETS DO NOT WORK! Food is not your enemy. Our meal plan works! Plain and simple, and with over 43,687 success stories we are confident it will work for you too.


The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals is a lack of being held accountable. We don't not hold ourselves accountable. So this service DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY is hands down, the single best service offered (according to 43,687 success stories). This service has a real coach NOT AI (artificial inteligence), reviewing your meals, daily! This hands-on coaching ensures you follow and make adjustments if need be without delaying your progress.

The Mind is Primary

Your best self is waiting! 6 weeks of chasing your goals starts today!

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