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Re-Opening of SISCOE GYM

The timeline for re-opening of gyms had been anticipated as of Mid-April to be in September, 2020. However, as you may have heard, the minister of health here in Quebec announced on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 that gyms will be permitted to open as of Monday June 22!!

And while this is exciting, and we are all anxious to get back at it, along with the permission to re-open, there are quite a few protocols which must be in place PRIOR to re-opening.

Limited access: No gyms are permitted to crowd. as a result, EVERY member MUST reserve their spot online HERE.

Hand Sanitizer: Upon entree to SISCOEGYM, you must immediately use the hand sanitize at the entrance, every time you come in until further notice.

Temperature check: Upon entree to SISCOEGYM, you must immediately hand sanitize and have your temperature taken at reception, every time you come in until further notice.

Mandatory use of towels: Towel use and coverage on every piece of equipment is mandatory. You are welcomed to bring your own towel of you can rent one for only $2 at reception.

Face Masks: In order to provide the best security for yourself, or staff and fellow members, face masks are mandatory and you are encouraged to bring your own or you may purchase one at reception. We will be offering 2 types of face masks; One that completely covers your face or one that has a plastic face shield. For those of you doing higher intensity workouts, we would highly recommend the face shield as it offers good protection but it does not restrict breathing.

Clean what you touch: Upon entree to SISCOEGYM, you will be handed a micro fibre hand towel. This is to be used in conjunction with hospital grade disinfectants. This practice has always been in effect and will continue to be in effect. Hospital grade disinfecting spray bottle will be everywhere, please wipe everything down IMMEDIATELY after use. THEN put the micro fibre hand towel in the towel bin before exiting. Super-setting is not an excuse for delaying wiping down equipment. Please be diligent about this new practice to some of you.

Dividers: Equipment needs to be appropriately spaced out which means we will not have access to the same space as before and quite possibly not to some of the equipment due to the social distancing guidelines. Equally, for some equipment like the cardio area, dividers must be in place to protect members from one another while they are working out.

Lingering: Along with the need to reserve your training session, be it by yourself, in a class or with a trainer, the training time in total needs to be limited to no more than 1 hour. Giving adequate time to allow all members to have access to train. As a result, no lingering is permitted...for now.


As the notice to re-open just came out days ago, most gyms are

scrambling to source out dividers but likely will not be ready to open on Monday, June 22. There may be gyms who by-pass some of these protocols, SISCOEGYM will not be one of those gyms.

As such, there is a good chance we will not be ready to open on June 22nd. We are diligently working to meet that date, but with only a 5 day notice, getting all the prerequisites in order in only 5 days, is just not likely.

We will be working on the timeline of assuredly being open come July 02, 2020 and IF we manage to do so sooner, we will gladly announce it.

Rest assured, we are MORE excited than anyone to get our doors open and operating again. However, we will only do that when we have met all the protocols that will keep you, our members and staff in the safest environment possible.

NOTE: We know of existing businesses that have certain protocols in place and "some" members of the community feel they are above these protocols or simply think it is overkill. Regardless, please note that the above protocols are NOT open to discussion. Safety first. Please help us help you to get back to exercising ASAP by respecting the above protocols.

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