Re-Opening July 02, with protocols

We are all excited to re-open. To get back to "normal" and to help you feel more comfortable at SISCOEGYM, in addition to our industry leading sanitation and hygiene protocols in the gym, we are increasing the frequency of cleaning and hospital grade sanitizing to "high-touch" areas. Your safety is our top concern!

We are also implementing additional measures as recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Notable changes are;

Limiting capacity to ensure all members enjoy a safe, training environment. As such, you will need to book your workout times in advance. That can be done by clicking here.

Upon entree, you must;

  • Be wearing a face mask or a face shield. If you do not have one, you may purchase either one at reception.

  • Use the hand sanitizer at the entrance.

  • Have your temperature taken via infrared thermometer at reception.

  • You must have a towel with you throughout your training to cover any equipment you lay or sit on. If you do not have one, you can rent one from reception.

  • You will receive a micro-fibre hand towel at reception, this is to be used in conjunction with the hospital grade sanitizing spray bottles found everywhere, throughout the gym.

  • Social distancing is a must.

  • The cardio section will have divider shields to allow participants to do cardio without wearing a face mask, if they choose.

  • BYOW: Water fountains remain off limits, so please Bring Your Own Water or you may purchase a bottle at reception.

  • Everything you touch must be wiped down the moment you walk away, even if you are returning. Wipe everything you touch down with your micro-fibre hand towel and a sanitizer spray bottle.

  • As you exit, place your towels and your micro-fibre hand towels in the used towel bin at reception.

  • All gyms are supposed to close every 4 hours for a complete hospital grade sanitizing spray down...we will comply with this rule. NO GYM or home will be cleaner than SISCOEGYM.

  • Walk-ins can only be accepted if there is room. But walk-ins for the time being are not guaranteed access. It is best to reserve online here

We want everyone to continue enjoying workouts here at SISCOEGYM, We are following the protocols that are best for the public on the whole. Your personal opinion of the protocols are not at issue. In your home, you have the prerogative of choosing your own protocols. However, in our home, we ask that you respect these protocols, for your and everyone else's enjoyment and safety.

We look forward to your return

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