Has there ever been a better time than now?

Those are you anxiously awaiting for gyms to reopen, we have two options; One is to wait this out. The other is to do the next best thing and that is exercise at home.

Listen, there is no question that you can simply open up YouTube and find random workouts to keep you entertained...and there are plenty.

But what I'm talking about is not entertaining you by merely occupying your time. I'm talking about live coaching sessions.

FACT: 97% of people who join a gym have a goal but do not have a clue how to reach that goal.

FACT: Within three weeks 91% stop trying. Why? It's rather simple actually, doing random anything, does not produce results!  Now think about that. 

If you wanted to be a black belt in martial arts, do you really think that could happen watching YouTube? You already know the answer is no. And with all the conflicting information out there on fitness and dieting, you already know that doing random exercise does not work. You know this because you tried, try again!

REAL TALK: You will not and cannot reach your fitness goals by doing random exercise and flip flopping diets and you know this is true, so stop lying to yourself.


I can assure you as a 2 time world champion athlete, it was amazing to get to travel, but it was even more amazing, standing on podiums around the world. And not for a second do I believe I made the podium by myself and certainly not from watching random YouTube videos.

I had the whole team of coaches behind me. STRUCTURE in my training is what got me to my goal and it is what will get you to your goals. Every time I reached a goal, rest assured, my team of coaches were standing on the podium with me.

Without structure, there is no reaching a goal! not my goals and not yours either. And whether you physically train at SISCOEGYM, or benefit from the remote coaching from SISCOEGYM, either way, you will get the structure needed to reach your goals.

Our team is still providing the services that will help you reach your goals. Is it ideal being in quarantine? I think we would all unanimously agree it is not. However, now more than ever, having a fit, healthy body is paramount. And if the byproduct of following a structured exercise program makes you look better naked, LOL, so be it.

SISCOEGYM has been doing remote coaching for over two years. We made the transition to online coaching seamlessly as soon as this pandemic started.

If you are currently a SISCOEGYM member, we have extended our online coaching classes to you at no additional cost and we encourage you to take advantage of the structured exercise programs we are coaching our clients with through remote coaching. And the best part is, you get to tap into our knowledge base on how to exercise at home with or without any equipment whatsoever.

If you are not yet a member of SISCOEGYM we welcome you to try the online training absolutely free for one week. Thereafter it is only $39 per week which includes three sessions with a coach, per week.

How many times have you said "I don't have time"?

Has there ever been a better time than now to reach your fitness goals? You have the opportunity to come out of this pandemic, fitter, stronger, healthier than ever before!

Click here to get access to our online training schedule.

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