Find your strength...

Whatever happens in your day, try greeting it with the 100% version of you. IF your fitness is low, and your health is so, cannot be at 100%. You may be at 65%.

And when issues arise, that you have to deal with, you cannot manage them efficiently or with ease if you are only at 65% of who you really are.

While it is noble to tell yourself that you are too busy to take care of your health and fitness, you are actually doing yourself and others a disservice by offering a diluted version of yourself. If you are a diluted version of yourself, it takes more energy than need be to handle life. It takes more energy to help those around you. But, if you are 100%, you will handle what life throws your way with greater ease. And all because you take the time to make yourself #1.

The benefits to yourself are huge! And those around you equally benefit from the full version of who you are supposed to be.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get your fitness in daily! And it doesn't have to be an 1 1/2 hour ordeal. You can efficiently become fitter with a focused warm up, followed by a structured exercise routine. This can be done in 30 to 40 minutes. and then you have 23 hours left to take on the world.

Bottom line is consistency. Make your fitness the priority, everyday whether you feel like it or not, and btw, everyone doesn't feel like more often than they's not just you. A so-so workout is much better than no workout!

If your not sure what to do, we have great options for you at SISCOEGYM.

  • We have a Full Circuit set up of Select Drive Equipment on the mezzanine level, which gives you a full body workout...included in your gym membership.

  • We have our SISCOEGYM app, which offers you structured workouts for only $19.99/mth and this can be done at any gym or at home at your convenience.

  • We also have our Strength and Conditioning program which produces amazing results for people looking for coaching at a highly affordable price, starting at only $29/week.

  • We also have the all new T.U.F.F. program which is an amazing fitness fighting program whereby you learn how to punch and kick like a champion fighter, but you never get punched or kicked! T.U.F.F. is a 47 minute boxing, kickboxing and tae kwon do circuit done in 12 - three minute rounds. The best part of this program is there is a coach included and the class starts as soon as you get there...whenever that time is.

  • And let's not forget private training. In the Montreal Gazette's Top 10 private trainers in Montreal, SISCOEGYM comes out a top that list. If you want the best coaching, look no further.

For further info on any of these services, you can email or simply call use at 514-344-1269.

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