FINALLY, you can now train at the gym!

The red zone Government mandated closures have been extended to January 11th, 2021. BUT there is a silverlining.

Minister Charest has granted permission for gyms that qualify (SISCOEGYM received an A+ plus rating for following protocols). Therefore, we are permitted to offer private training session at the gym.

So while open gym memberships are still not permitted, an easy work around is to exercise with one of our trainers. This should make sense as the only persons allowed in the gym are the trainer and the client.

Resume your training now by calling or text messaging SISCOEGYM 438-601-2475 (yes you can communicate to us via text through our business line)

PS: We also offer virtual training which you can do at home and it requires no gym equipment or whatsoever!

Staying fit and healthy, along with wearing a mask and washing your hands is the best defenses against Covid19 or any type of virus so we encourage all of you to continue with your trainings and to eat as healthy as possible.

For many the negative often overshadows the positive. At SISCOEGYM, we will continue to innovate and find ways to support you throughout your fitness journey and this pandemic. Book your sessions now, 438-601-2475.

Together, we’ve got this <3

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