T.U.F.F. starts THIS Saturday and Sunday at 10h00! (May 15th and 16th) T.U.F.F. The Ultimate in Fitness Fighting

Imagine a SAFE PLACE to learn the art of fighting from world and national champions in an environment where you CANNOT get hurt!

Sadly, the one thing you can count on when you join ANY fighting studio is that you are 100% certain to get hurt. As a two-time world champion fighter, I can attest to that.

We know of countless stories whereby people just wanted to learn and end up victim to concussions from some hot-head in the gym...but that CANNOT happen in this environment.

Introducing T.U.F.F.





It is well understood that fighters are the best conditioned athletes on the planet. T.U.F.F. combines the best in boxing, kick boxing and TaeKwonDo in an AWESOME 12 round...47 minute workout.

Couple that with instructors who have a proven track record AND are world and national champions and you have the recipe for learning in the best environment.

EACH attendance will be recorded and when you earn the right to pass an exam to earn your next belt, you will be invited.

Here is a wonderful opportunity to earn a black belt in a safe environment all the while doing the most amazing workouts available.

T.UF.F. is for adult men and women as much as it is for girls and boys aged 5 years and up!

RESERVE YOUR SPOT here or call 514-344-1269