A+ Rating from the Montréal Fire Inspector

Yesterday, we had a surprise visit from the Fire Inspector to ensure we were following government protocols for operations. To start, the inspector was rather surprised when we stopped him to use hand sanitizer and then took his temperature with our infrared thermometer. When I say he was surprised, I meant that in a pleasant way. It turns out the the fire department has issued 617 fines to companies not following protocol.

We are pleased to announce that after his inspection, SISCOEGYM was given an A+ rating. The inspector was happy that we are going above and beyond the protocol to ensure our members and staff are free to enjoy a safe environment.

Current protocol requires that members;

  • Wear a face mask upon entering and when leaving the facility.

  • Use hand sanitizer upon entering and when leaving.

  • Have their temperature taken upon entering.

  • Maintain social distances while in the gym.

  • Limit training time to 1 hour

  • and no lingering

Beyond the government protocols;

  • We monitor that every member has a towel (their own or one we loan out).

  • We provide a microfiber hand towel along with a hospital grade disinfectant spray bottle, to spray down anything and everything they use.

  • Every 4 hours, the gym is closed down while we spray down the whole facility with hospital grade disinfectant...every 4 hours!

  • We also limit capacity to 25 persons which is why we encourage you to book your time online here.

All this to say IF you are comfortable in your home, you should feel even more comfortable in our home. Our disinfection protocol is second to none and the Montréal fire inspector agrees!

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