A Calorie is a Calorie and other common lies you have been told...

A calorie is a calorie is a hear this all the time BUT if you think its remotely true, you need to help yourself!!

Macro-nutrients (a.k.a. Macros); This is the "new" umbrella term for Carbohydrates, Protiens, Fats and Alcohol.

Micro-nutrients (a.k.a. Micros); This is the new umbrella term for Vitamins and Minerals.

Make no mistake about it, the diet industry deliberately changes to keep the consumer confused. What is the latest diet? Is it the same diet from last year, or the year before that or last decade? NO! Why? because of the more than 10,000 different diets in the marketplace, (according to the FDA), 9,999 work short-term. BUT, they do not work long-term.

Let's say your daily caloric allowance is supposed to be 1,800 calories. And you have a thing for hot dogs and ice cream. Can you honestly think 1,800 calories of hot dogs and ice cream (which falls under the umbrella "macros") is the same as eating, veggies, whole grains and complete proteins (macros) along with the minerals and vitamins (micros) your body needs?

It is most unfortunate that when our body becomes hungry it does not send a list of the much-needed macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients to your brain. So, it's not like it tells your brain that you need 500 mg of vitamin C, 250mg sodium with 27 grams of protein from egg whites and so on, and so on.

So when you eat nutrient void calories, like hot dogs and ice cream, you get what's called a spike in your blood sugars which encourages fat storage. The aftermath of a spike is a drop in blood sugar levels which creates a "panic" situation that tells you to eat 30 minutes later and all of a sudden, the Doritos are looking good! Cravings for junk food are a physiological reaction to HOW and what you eat, throughout the day. To diminish the cravings, the body NEEDS to feel satiated. To feel satiated, your body NEEDS Macros AND Micros.

When you eat whole grains, complete protein along with fruits and vegetables, your body feels more satiated, because it is. This is when you know you're feeding your body what it actually needs.

So when you see diet plans out there that include "some" macro-nutrients, AKA macros, but no or limited micro-nutrients, AKA micros, rest assured, that is a short-term fix.

I hope this helps

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