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After developing our unique training regimen...heat
was the game changer...a most effective training tool! Training in heat is proven to maximize athletic performance. After a short period of acclimatization heat, our bodies become faster, stronger, and more powerful. Increasing mental acuity, and better sleep patterns, are only a few of the many benefits our clients brag about after training at SISCOEGYM
Try a class in our hot room to experience it for yourself.




In 2010, researchers at the University of Oregon discovered that using heat as a training tool not only increase the athletic performance of elite athletes by almost 10% but also improved their VO2 max, the gold standard for measuring training effectiveness. 

PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS use indoor cycling in hot rooms to make weight when weight loss is needed!

We Are revolutionizing the fitness world with HOT indoor cycling and our signature heated sweat spin cycle classes.


By introducing indoor cycling to the hot room, we have created the most efficient and effective indoor group cycling workout available! 

Training in our room heated from 86 to 90 degrees will transform your mind, body and spirit.




  • Turbo boost metabolism

  • Enables greater fat-burning

  • Increases oxygen delivery

  • Increases blood plasma from Maximum cardiac output

  • Rids the body of metabolic waste through focused breathing

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Increases volume of oxygenated blood flow, which can lead to lower cholesterol levels


  • Improves Skin's elasticity and tone

  • Improve blood flow and circulation

  • Remove impurities from the body through the skin

  • Improve blood flow - circulation gets a boost

  • Improves digestion

  • Releases endorphins, natural stress relievers

  • A natural antibiotic...
    killing infection causing bacteria

Wednesday 17h30
Saturday at 11h00

(Limited places) Pricing

SISCOEGYM members: 1st time FREE!  

Non-members: 1st time ONLY $10

Members / non-Members
1 class: $12 / $25

5 Classes: $11 per / $23 per

10 classes: $10 per / $21 per