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The story of PowerWatts

In 1994, Paulo Saldanha, Exercise Physiologist, trainer and former professional Ironman triathlete, created the PowerWatts indoor training system.

Faced with the rigor of Canadian weather and issues with the traffic around Montréal (and yes, even in 1994!), Paulo had been obsessed with finding a solution that saved time: avoiding the "bogus kilometers", and creating value with ultimate features, and especially producing accurate and relevant results.

Combining both the training software and the drive structure, PowerWatts from the revolutionary vision of Paulo Saldanha, allows year round, high intensity training.


Simply said... 

PowerWatts is the most complete and efficient indoor cycling training system in the world.


PowerWatts is a workout that benefits everyone!

If you are a beginner and have never done a road bike? Powerwatts is the best way to learn cycling techniques in a safe environment. Powerwatts will get back into shape.

If you practice cycling or any other sport other than cycling, Powerwatts is the best tool to develop your power. Powerwatts is a complete workout that works endurance, explosive training, cardio and muscle development.

If you're a bike enthusiast, Powerwatts is the bike training system that comes closest to the reality of the road, without the inconvenience of the road.


Come train to have the best bike season for life! Or simply to beat your buddies in your next road race.




Introductory Plan

OR CALL (438) 795-6722

Buy online now and save $ 35 administration fee

​$300 / 10 sessions

For new members, we offer a package of 10 PowerWatts courses for just $30/ per

Drop-In Class Pass

​$42 / session

(compare at $53 per)

10 Class Pass

​$400 / 10 sessions

10 PowerWatts courses for just $40/per (compare at $53 per)

OR CALL (438) 795-6722

Buy online now and save $ 35 administration fee

20 Class Pass

​$760 / 20 sessions

20 PowerWatts courses for just $38/per (compare at $53 per)

OR CALL (438) 795-6722

Buy online now and save $ 35 administration fee

Ask yourself this...How come indoor cycling bikes don't have gears!? 

How come they don't use numbers to measure your successes and your progress?

Step up your indoor cycling experience...

IF you don't enjoy it,  don't pay for it!

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conditionnement structuré

Jenna D.


2 years of difference and wow, I'm proud of myself! Every day, growing stronger physically and mentally.

I started this trip hoping to gain confidence. It quickly became my therapy in a dark and depressing time of my life. It's now part of me. I now know how strong and disciplined I can be. I learn to love myself, which is so important! We tend to belittle ourselves too much and rely on what society wants from us. We forget how lucky we are to be in good health.


To be able to go to the gym. Running, lifting weights, whatever it is. Everyone has his thing that makes him feel good. I'm glad I found mine


I lost 89 pounds over 9 years ago and there is no going back!

thanks to  SISCOEGYM

I had a coach at another gym for 4 years and I did not lose an ounce!


THIS is me after ONLY 12 WEEKS!
Thanks to 
SISCOEGYMI lost 58 pounds!