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Fat Loss: Contrary to popular belief, losing body-fat IS NOT all about cardio, cardio, cardio. Fat Loss requires MORE structure than any other form of fitness related goals. Fat Loss requires a structure that incorporates all 5 categories in fitness.
Cardio - Gymnastics - Weight-Lifting - Yoga and Nutrition.
In addition, it requires numbers. By numbers, we mean measures. Numbers DO NOT LIE. People on the other hand lie often...many times to themselves! By taking measures, such as
Scale Weight - Body Fat - Hydration - Muscle Mass - and Girth Measures
These measures ensure there is no guess work and ANY TRAINER who is not taking measures is guessing. Which means he\she is costing you money!
We know statistically that when someone attempts to lose body-fat solely through cardio, the rate of success is a mere 1%. (rate of success defined as reaching your goal, and sustaining it for 3+ years). However, we equally know that incorporating all 5 categories of fitness, (listed above), increases the rate of success to an impressive 89%
Currently, our combined programming over the past 34 years has helped over 43,000 people in Montréal successfully lose body-fat! Losing Body-Fat requires structure!
We have that structure. 
Many people think simply joining a gym is the solution, but it is only a part. You may already know that merely joining a gym, with no plan or no direction is a waste of money as you likely with not go from frustration of getting no results.
Having a personal trainer (a coach) is the first step to getting the guidance and the direction to succeed at your goal of Fat Loss once and for all.
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SISCOEGYM gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed

at your fitness, weight-loss and hard-body goals!
(Trainers, Dietitians, Athletic Therapists, Kinesiologists, Olympians, World-Champion Coaches, Massage Therapy, Yoga and Hot Yoga, Pilates, Naturopathy, and Fresh Meal Prep...ALL in-house.)