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Pain Free! Quality of life is becoming increasingly in demand as more and more of us want to enjoy this one and only body we have.
In June 2018, a list of the 50 most dangerous jobs was released. Interestingly, police officer came in at #14 However, in the number 1 position was an office job! Living the sedentary lifestyle is the single, most destructive choice we make for our health. For many, it is a choice that needs to be as we all have to make a living. Notwithstanding, we do know that exercise and nutrition EASILY offsets the long-term damage caused from working at a desk.
Cardio - Weight Lifting - Yoga - and Nutrition. 
Currently, with our combined programming over the past 34 years, we have helped over 43,000 people in Montréal successfully become Pain-Free! Becoming Pain-Free  requires structure!
We have that structure. 
Many people think simply joining a gym is the solution, but it is only a part. You may already know that merely joining a gym, with no plan or no direction is a waste of money as you likely with not go from frustration of getting no results.
Having a personal trainer (a coach) is the first step to getting the guidance and the direction to succeed at your goal of a Pain-Free Body, once and for all.
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SISCOEGYM gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed

at your fitness, weight-loss and hard-body goals!
(Trainers, Dietitians, Athletic Therapists, Kinesiologists, Olympians, World-Champion Coaches, Massage Therapy, Yoga and Hot Yoga, Pilates, Naturopathy, and Fresh Meal Prep...ALL in-house.)