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LEARN HOW to LOSE 13 to 27 Lbs 


Antoinette Trionfo


We all know how intimidating walking into a gym for the first time can feel...SISCOEGYM eliminates that fear.
I speak from the heart.
I speak from experience.
I speak from insecurities that turned into CONFIDENCE!

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man loses weight at siscoe gym in 6 week weight loss chalenge

I can honestly recommend this gym, especially after participating in their 6 week challenge program, which I was at first, skeptical about. However, immediately after the first week within the program it was clear that with the coaching and the support they offered, I was already confident about succeeding in the challenge. I highly recommend to anyone to first start in the 6 week challenge. It not only produces amazing results, fast! But it also teaches you a healthy lifestyle...for life! I made a goal to lose 21 pounds within the 6 week program and here are my results. I actually lost 25 pounds in only 6 weeks!! Could not be happier.

Register for the 6 Week Fitness Challenge and Re-Gain Your Body and Your Health!

Here's What's Included


6 Weeks of Coaching VIRTUALLY or at our Exclusive Training Center in Montréal at SISCOEGYM - which was named "The Future of the Fitness Industry" by the Globe and Mail. 


CHALLENGE INCENTIVE - LOSE WEIGHT OR YOU DON'T PAY!  You will lose 13 to 27 pounds during this 6 week challenge or you do not pay!  


Nutrition Plan: Lifestyle based and results producing! Comes with recipes, how to's and 37 years of experience getting great results. Vegan + vegetarian options available!


3D Body Scan Assessment:

Girl on 3D Body Scanner at siscoe gym

We use the most advanced equipment, a 3D scan of your body that gives us all the information needed from week to week to better direct your transformation


Weekly Action Steps + Motivation: We want you to have all the tools and guidance possible. 


Amazing Support Group: Support from our fitness coaches and other participants. This is your "safe place" for you to ask questions, meet others + gain community.


Studio Access: You'll have access to our location in Montréal or to any of our 172 world-wide affiliates and/or access to our virtual sessions online. With SISCOEGYM, you can train from anywhere in the world. 


Places are limited: make the effort and follow the program...and you will lose 13 to 27 pounds in only 6 weeks or it's free!

successful weight loss at siscoe gym
before and after images of successful weight loss clients at siscoe gym
successful weight loss at siscoe gym with Joseph
successful weight loss at siscoe gym with Amelie

It's Simple, YOU WILL lose weight. THAT is a certainty BUT in addition, we want to reward you for your efforts. When you reach the goal that is set based on your 3D Body Scan, we will pay you up to $600 for the rights to your transformation

Register for the 6 Week Fitness Challenge and Re-Gain Your Body and Your Health!

Skeptical? We don't blame you! 

"I lose minimum 13 pounds or it's free!? Why are you doing this?"

1. We are always looking to showcase amazing transformations!
2. We know that once you try SISCOEGYM, you will be hooked!
3. We know that having a big incentive will hold you accountable! 

More 6 Week Transformations

successful weight loss at siscoe gym with Octavian
successful weight loss at siscoe gym with Vithusan
successful weight loss at siscoe gym with Kaitlyn
successful weight loss at siscoe gym with Ginette

What Exactly is the 6 Week Transformation Program?

We are looking for women and men who are ready to Lose Weight,
Lose Body-Fat 
or even add Lean Muscle Mass. Lose between 13 and 27 pounds in only 6 Weeks or it's free.

Why would we do that?
It’s simple really. 38 years of experience gives us absolute confidence that we will hep you get the body and health of your dreams and we have data
that proves this program works and we also get some
amazing transformation stories along with dedicated clients! 



Lose 13 to 27 pounds in 6 weeks...or it's free!

Here's Why You Need to Join the 6 Week Transformation!

97% of people who join a gym, ANY gym have a goal, but they DO NOT have a clue
HOW to reach that goal. As a result, 91% quit within 3 weeks...

3x Week Coached Sessions

Strength and Conditioning (SnC) sessions 3x week. In-person or virtually so you can easily fit the workouts into your busy schedule when you want, and WHERE you want. To be clear, while most of our clients are in Montréal, we also have clients in Italy, Australia, South Africa...etc. We can train you from wherever you happen to be.

Nutrition Manual

We will provide you with our easy to follow nutrition plan so you

can easily reach your goal. This is built for busy people with jobs,

family looking for a balanced lifestyle.

Full Pre/Post Assessments

We start you off on the right foot with a full Body composition assessment (included), where we can discuss your goals, your fitness and do a body composition analysis. We track your numbers weekly to see the progress.  

Recipes Included

Don't know how to cook? We will lay out recipes you enjoy

along with instructions for you. Everything is lifestyle based and we even have VEGAN options available.

Facebook Group Support

You're not joining a gym, you're joining a family and a community of like minded people that will give you the positive support you need to succeed. This is your "safe place" to ask anything you want.


We make it affordable so that anyone can afford to be healthy. SISCOEGYM makes it easy since it's all one price and no additional fees and sneaky bait and switch offers. 

Cash Back Rewards

Simple - We help you lose between 13 and 27 pounds in 6 weeks or you don't pay. It suggests we didn't do our job and so...WHY should you pay!? You will lose between 13 and 27 pounds!

Self Commitment

Before we begin, we will get you to sign a self-commitment form where you will write your goals and see actionable steps to get there. This is such a powerful visual exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The program is 6 weeks long, and can be done at home, at SISCOEGYM or at any other gym of your choosing. You get an initial 3D Body Scan ($125 value) complimentary and a 3D Body Scan weekly throughout the 6 week challenge.


You also have 3 workout sessions week with a coach. If the coach recommends more sessions, they will be included at no extra fee.

When does it start? What does it cost?

This is a unique program for you. The program starts on Monday. We need you to book your first 3D Body Scan assessment to make sure you qualify for this challenge.

Your investment is only $14/day BUT, When you attain the goal we set for you at the initial assessment, we will pay you up to $600 for your story and your journey, as we have done for so many of the participants. Effectively, you can participate for free as long as you're willing to put some skin in the game, show up, and do your part.

What are your hours?

We are open 6 am to 9 pm Mon-Fri, for your convenience. However, we do close the gym down every 4 hours of operation to fully disinfect and sanitize the whole gym...every day. 

We have live sessions (Virtual or in-person) available at peak times of the day, 07h00 - 12h00 and 18h00. We have online sessions on demand whenever you like. Upon availability and demand, we are looking into expanding into sessions for this program. Ask us for details. 

 Can I come and use the gym on my own?

Absolutely IF it is recommended. We have a great training facility. We reserve the main area of the gym for personal training but feel free to use the rest for your own workouts, warm ups, cool downs, cardio and more. All available to you, reserving is still recommended. 

What if I'm gone during the 6 weeks?

No problem. We want you to commit 100% during the 6 weeks but if a blip gets in the way, as we offer the coaching virtually as well as on location, you can do this from anywhere, whether you have access to equipment, or not. We've got you covered. 

 What is the nutrition like?

We focus on eating real, whole food. We have personally designed a fully-done-for you 6 week nutrition plan that is focused on you and your goals. It allows for cultural and personal preferences and is family friendly. It includes easy to follow recipes, list, action plans and goal setting exercises. We also have VEGAN options available.

What is the training like?

SnC, Strength and Conditioning is the only program that includes;

Weight Lifting - Gymnastics (as in body - weight exercises) - Cardio - Yoga and Nutrition. 

STRUCTURE: is what makes all the difference. There is nothing random about our programming - by incorporation all 5 modalities of fitness (listed above), we have an 89% success rate...The highest in the fitness industry!

Where are you located?

We are the most centrally located gym on the island of Montréal. Located at...



8170 Boul. Décarie.

Montréal, QC H4P 2S8


Secure Your Space Today 
Before We Fill Up!

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Octavian Spataru

Just completed the 6 week challenge. Here I am 25 lbs lighter in only 6 weeks! Thanks to the team at SISCOEGYM who guided me through this amazing journey. From the beginning to the end of this challenge, the professional team were there every time I needed them. During the 6 week challenge, I did not just lose 25 lbs, but I completely changed my way of living! THIS is the way to go. I am already feeling  better in my own skin. 

An enormous THANK YOU to the whole team.

Florence Dorcé

When I first came across the 6 week challenge, I was, of course, very skeptical...But, I tried is anyway. You have to follow the strength and conditioning program along with the flexible eating plan. They set a goal for you at the assessment and mine was to lose 21 lbs. You are followed by a team of professional trainers and by David, the owner himself. I did my final weigh-in and I lost 22 lbs! I am VERY happy. I convinced my sister to also do it. They are a great team. Many thanks to all...merci mes amis

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Sabrina Amelia

Great atmosphere. Great staff AND definitely a great and a unique experience. I lost 24.6 pounds in only 6 weeks, so trust me, this program works! Not only did I feel fit and confident, but I also learned how to STAY healthier with exercise and nutrition. The whole team at SISCOEGYM are professional and great motivators. At SISCOEGYM, you will feel at home and trust me it is worth your time and energy. You won't regret it ! The trainings sessions are very well organized and the coaches are there to help you to meet your target and achieve your goals. The program is one of a kind , I subscribed to many gyms , had personal trainers but none like SISCOEGYM. My body is completely transformed and everyone around me is stunned.


I have many friends who have followed me during the 6 weeks and decided to join SISCOEGYM afterwards. If you are willing to retake control of your body and mind, go to SISCOEGYM. You will find real professional trainers with lots of expertise who will provide you advices that works and that will stay for life! Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to have been trained by you guys. You have made a significant change into my life in terms of food, balance and training.

You guys ROCK !

5 stars.gif

P.S. - Hey, did you just skim down to the bottom?
LOL...We get it :) 

successful weight loss at siscoe gym with Sabrina

Alright, so here's the deal - we want to train you as long as you're willing to work hard, put some skin in the game, actually show up, and do your part. BONUS: Reach the goal we set during your initial assessment and we will pay you up to $600 for the rights to showcase your great transformation. 


Our intention is to get you some amazing results and give you a great experience, so great, that we hope you stay afterwards and refer your family and friends along the way. But you're not obligated to, by any stretch. You will get amazing results, love the program and when you reach the goal, we will pay you!  


⚠️(spoiler**most people stay because they love our facility so much - you've been warned⚠️


P.P.S What are you still waiting for? Click the button and get started right away!

successful weight loss at siscoe gym with Octavian
successful weight loss at siscoe gym with Florence
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