Thank you for contacting us about the 6-week challenge at SISCOEGYM.

As much as we already know we want you into this challenge, you must first qualify for it!


There are 3 categories you could qualify for;

  • Weight Loss

  • Body Fat...or

  • Gaining Lean Muscle Mass...

The category is decided by the numbers we see after doing a body composition analysis on you.


THE BEST PART is when you reach the goal, we will write you a cheque for $600 in exchange for social proof of how amazing our 6 week program works!!

Industry statistics for fitness show that 97% of people who go to any gym or diet center have no idea what they have to do to achieve their goals. 

As a result, 91% fail, or quit trying or leave the venue that actually could have helped, IF they sought out direction.

We do not expect any of the participants in the 6 week challenge to self-coach. Actually, we are looking for participants who know they need a good coach!


This challenge offers EXTREME value...for that reason, not everyone applying gets accepted.


So, we have to meet...


We are looking to interview potential participants to make sure they are serious and that they are ready to make the change. Just letting you know that there are only 3 spots left! And this challenge starts THIS WEEK!


Unfortunaely Not Everyone Gets Accepted.

So far, 37% of the applicants are not showing us that they are ready for this challenge. (As I would really like to see you IN this challenge, I hope you rock this interview!)

We will meet at SISCOEGYM at 8170 Decarié Boul. (Royalmount corner...metro "de la Savane"). It will take about 30 minutes of your time. You only get one shot at booking an appointment and showing us that you will be a great, coachable participant in this 6 week challenge so...REPLY with your Ideal Day...and Ideal Time of Day that works best for you and we will offer you the closest available appointment that best suits you.

Get ready for an amazing, life changing challenge!

Please select an appointment under the column "6 week challenge"
IF you need help to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to call 514-900-3323