Full Service Gym - 05h30 - 22h00 - 28,000 sq ft - Powerwatts (Indoor Cycling) - Strength and Conditioning -
Yin Yoga - Hot Yoga - Hatha Yoga - Gentle Yoga - Boot Camp - Circuit Training -
Zumba - Massage Therapy - Athletic Therapy - Goal Specific Meal Plans - Kinesiology -
Personal Trainers - 6 Week Fitness Challenge - Naturopathy - Meal Prep - Reformer Pilates

8170 Décarie Boul
(438) 795-6722

Metro de la Savane

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Our ambassadors are inspirational leaders in our community, yoga teachers, personal trainers, run mavens, hair stylists, real estate reps, medical community and more with a passion for elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness. Ambassadors are respected and loved by their communities. Through the practice of setting and accomplishing lofty goals, they are constantly defying what’s possible in both sport and life. The heights they reach and the stories they create are awe-inspiring, and their love for life is an inspiration.

This program opens SISCOEGYM to anyone who the community at large views as inspirational leaders. With the Ambassador program, full access to SISCOEGYM AND it’s affiliates world-wide are available.

The community and SISCOEGYM will convene on the selection of all ambassadors.

SISCOEGYM ambassadors are one of the most vital components to the continued growth of the company and growth of our loyal, enthusiastic, active fan base.

As we continue to expand, your involvement and contribution is not only appreciated, it is crucial. The SISCOEGYM Brand Ambassador Program was designed to form a community for fans and collaborators who want to support our company in a more formal way.

    Becoming a brand ambassador for SISCOEGYM

Whether you are an accomplished athlete or a respected professional of your field, it is all about inspiration. You inspire us and we believe strongly in your capacity to inspire others. Becoming a brand ambassador for SISCOEGYM means becoming a part of the SISCOESOLUTIONS family. We want you to be part of our journey because you inspire us.

You may be selected to be part of our program because we believe that you already embody the brand and embrace its values and philosophy. We also want to be part of your journey and inspire you.


  2. Goals of the program
    It’s all about what you love.

Our main goal is to empower you to do what you love and what you do best more effectively. In exchange you will help us build brand awareness and loyalty, help us create amazing content for social media, campaigns, etc., as well as being part of events, open houses, launches…



  1. Feedback
    It’s all about your expertise.
    We will keep asking,
    We will keep measuring.
    You are part of the team, a real partner and your feedback, good or bad, will always be very welcome.


Our Expectations

You are a respected professional in your field. You excel in your domain. We expect the following of you:

First and foremost to be a proud ambassador of SISCOEGYM! If you love the brand, the facility and everything else that we are doing then it should be very easy for you to be a fab ambassador. You will visually represent our brand and its values, philosophy and lifestyle promoted.

Inspire us on Social Medias:

  • Take creative promo shots.

  • Tag us in your posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Spread the word, use our dedicated hashtag #SISCOEGYM and messages.

  • Share our content, promotions, events etc.

Community Engagement
You have developed a large following on social medias and this base keeps growing. Your fan base is daily engaged. It is your time to shine! Be creative and think outside the box. Feel free to submit any ideas to the Brand Ambassador Manager. All ideas are welcome and don’t forget that you are part of the team.


Your Benefits

You are doing an amazing job. You are reaching many new fans and creating buzz for the brand. Your engagement is high etc… We reward you with:

  • We will offer you $1,000.00 in SISCOEGYM products and services. This amount will depend on your engagement and brand involvement – you might get more 

  • Access to our 270 World-Wide affiliates.

  • You get to do giveaways with your fans!

  • Exclusive invites to the brand events.

  • You will become part of a network of local and international ambassadors

As an ambassador you get a 1-3 month test trial to represent the SISCOEGYM Brand.
After the trial you might qualify to become an ambassador for a full year!



In order to be considered you must meet at least 1 of the requirements below:

  • If you have a blog you must have a minimum of 1000 unique monthly visitors

  • If you have Twitter, a minimum of 1000 followers

  • If you have Instagram, a minimum of 2000 followers that are involved with your posts.

  • If you have Facebook, a minimum of 2500 highly involved fans.

  • If you have YouTube, a minimum of 500 subscribers


Please note: Not every applicant will be selected for the ambassador program.


Apply now

If you meet the requirements, you may email us at david@siscoegym.com with the following information:

  • Why do you want to be a Brand Ambassador?

  • Why do you think you can inspire us?

  • Do you have a website?
    What is the URL?

  • Where can we find you on social media?
    Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc

  • Which platform do you think gets the most engagement?

  • What country do you live in?

  • Contact information: Name, phone and email address.

Quick heads up! We get a lot of inquiries. So please be patient once you have submitted your application