Personal Training at SISCOEGYM was designed for one thing...RESULTS!


As of Aug 2018, SISCOEGYM has helped
Montrealers reach their fitness goals!
Experienced AND Qualified Trainers
SISCOEGYM offers the highest level of qualified, rigorously tested personal trainers. Each one of our trainers is distinguished in their respective field of practice...Most are world champions and/or Olympians. They talk the talk and walk the walk, living the healthy lifestyle we advocate for our clients.

SISCOE is the future of the fitness industry


The 12 week fitness challenge is designed to ensure you see results. This includes working with a personal trainer! IF money is an obstacle, you need not apply.

This is all about structure but we keep it simple;

You follow our meal plan and train with us 3 times per week for 12 Weeks (36 sessions with a personal trainer). Being part of our challenge is a sure way to keep you accountable & motivated.


What’s included in the 12 week challenge:

  • 3 semi-private personal training sessions per week for 12 weeks (36 sessions in total) (value $2,800)

  • Dietitian Meal Plans- we KNOW what works! 3 phases (value $375)

  • Daily food analysis (there are only 2 companies that offer this amazing service). ($12/day...total value $1008)

  • State-of-the-art Body Composition analysis, which includes –

  1. Scale weight

  2. Body Fat %

  3. LMM - Lean Muscle Mass

  4. Hydration

  5. Biological Age

  6. Visceral Fat

  7. Girth Measures

  8. Sub-Maximal cardiovascular test

  • Weekly Body composition check-ins with team. (1x weekly - total value $240)

  • Before, during & after photos to capture your transformation (we respect your privacy, these are yours to share, if you wish).

  • Motivated trainers who offer support every step of the way.

  • This package has a total value of $4,503

YOU get all of this - for 12 weeks - for only $1,800!